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Yoga, Fascia & the New Anatomy of the Body

Launch yourself into the fascinating world of fascia research as it applies to the practice of yoga and movement therapy.

Learn the necessary skills to stand out from the crowd as a yoga teacher, and become a leading pioneer in the development of the therapeutic applications of movement and yoga.

We are pleased to introduce this unique opportunity to study online with Tom Myers and Robin Rothenberg, plus other leading visionaries, who are opening new doors into our understanding the amazing wonders of the body.

In this 6-month online course, you will learn new insights into how to stay healthy, functional and pain free all life long and how to help your clients and students do the same!

Best of all, you'll be able to access the course and course bonuses as much as you like, for as long as you like.


Tom Myers is widely respected for his visionary and groundbreaking work charting the myofascial meridians of the body. He is the author of Anatomy Trains and the co-author of Fascial Release for Structural Balance, and numerous articles for trade magazines and journals. 

Tom is a leading expert in visual assessment and body reading, Fascial Release Technique, and the applications of fascial research to movement therapy, fitness activities, and bodywork. He studied directly with Drs. Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais and Buckminster Fuller. He has practiced integrative bodywork for over 30 years, and is a sought-after international workshop presenter.. 

Robin Rothenberg


Robin Rothenberg is Program Director of Essential Yoga Therapy an IAYT Accredited Therapist Training.  Robin has been training yoga teachers to become more highly skilled in their application of therapeutic yoga over 20 years. She uniquely weaves together her training in both the Iyengar and Viniyoga therapeutic traditions along with applied study in functional anatomy, which includes Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains model of the fascial lines. Robin co-authored the protocol for the landmark studies utilizing yoga therapy to address lower back pain published in 2005 and 2011, and is recognized as an expert in lower back and pelvic health. She is the author of The Essential Low Back Pain: Relieve Back Pain and Restore Health.

What's in the Course? Take a Sneak Peek
8 Modules over Six months

Tom Myers: Change Your body,
Change your mind

TOm Myers: Learning to See - What’s Holding Your Students Back in Backbends? 

Tom Myers:  How We Get Trapped in Patterns - The Startle Reflex 

Tom Myers: Body Reading -
The lateral line in Triangle Pose

yoga therapist Robin Rothenberg:
Anatomy Trains in Yoga 

Robin Rothenberg: Heart and Shoulder Opening -the Arm lines in yoga

body sensing - exploring Fascia in Movement with Yasmin Lambat

The #1 Cause of Unhealthy Fascia
 with Yasmin lambat

Workshop with GilL Solberg
Common posture issues in Yoga

join us for a groundbreaking course
here's what's also included!

What's In the Course?
Choose Among These 3 Packages

Package 1: Yoga for Structural Balance: Exploring the Myofascial Meridians in Yoga

Study online with Tom Myers and Robin Rothenberg to learn how the concept of Anatomy Trains applies to yoga practice and yoga teaching methodology. Learn how to observe structural imbalances in your students and yoga practices to target these. 

In this package, we are also joined by Gill Solberg, an Israeli clinical kinesiologist and author of Postural Disorders & Musculoskeletal Dysfunction, who will offer insight into yoga teaching challenges created by common posture imbalances and how to address these in yoga teaching.

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* 3-Month FREE Access to YogaU's Practice Channel -

Practice online with leading yoga teachers like Ana Forrest, Judith Hanson Lasater & Lizzie Lasater, Doug Keller, Natasha Rizopoulos, Richard Miller, and many more!
* 3-Month FREE Access to Functional Yoga Anatomy Software
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* Package 2: Foundations of Health: Fascia in Movement & Yoga 
In this package, join Tom as he explores the latest developments in fascia research and what these means for our approach to movement, how fascia is likely to play a role in mental-emotional health, and best strategies for working with fascia in your yoga practice.
 In this package, you will also learn how to develop greater awareness of the myofascial meridians in your body with Somatic Body Sensing techniques developed by Yasmin Lambat, a leading somatic educator from South Africa. Also explore techniques for myofascial release in yoga with P.T. and yoga teacher Chrys Kub.

* Package 3: Save $100! Get Both of the packages Above!
Get all of the material in packages 1 &2 and save $100 off the regular combined price.

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Vision for A new medicine of the future
join us to explore the power of movement in health & healing!

Choose among these package options

1. Yoga for Structural Balance: Exploring the Myofascial Meridians in Yoga 

- Learn how Tom Myers' Anatomy Trains concept applies to yoga practice. 
- Learn how to observe structural alignment imbalances and how to address them in your yoga practice or teaching.

  • * 20+ hrs. of prerecorded videos, incl. lectures on Anatomy Trains in yoga and yoga practices targeting the myofascial meridans.

    * Live Q&As with Tom and Robin

    * 3 Month Free Access to YogaU's Practice Channel
    *3 Mth. Free Access to Yoga Anatomy Software



2. Foundations of Health: Fascia in Movement & Yoga 

-Learn the latest research on the role of fascia in health and how to keep it healthy.
-Learn how to use yoga for myofascial reliease with yoga therapist Chrys Kub, P.T.

  • * 20+ hrs. of prerecorded videos on the anatomy of fascia and how to keep it healthy, plus yoga practices for myofascial release and somatic body sensing.

    * Live Q&As with Tom and P.T. Chrys Kub.

    * 3-Month Free Access to the YogaUOnline Practice Channel
    and Yoga Anatomy Software.



3. Combined Package 1&2!

This combined package features both courses: Anatomy Trains and Yoga for Structural Balance and Foundations of Health: Fascia in Movement and Yoga 

  • * 40+ hrs. of prerecorded videos combining package 1 and 2 above!

    * Live Q&As with Tom, Robin, Chrys Kub

    * 3-Month Free Access to the YogaUOnline Practice Channel and Yoga Anatomy Software